WTF Hosting Echolink Proxy Servers

Echolink has always had some limitations that require users to setup their Internet routers with port forwarding to get their software to connect. With people moving more and more to smartphones where the user can’t control that port forwarding on Verizon or T-Mobile’s cellular network, it has become necessary to setup proxy servers to make Echolink work for those users.

Most people don’t realize it, but when you connect to Echolink from your phone, you’re connecting to a proxy server that is hosted by a ham or ham club first, then that proxy forwards your connection to the Echolink repeater you’re connecting to.

You can view a list of these proxy servers at

WTF recently setup 12 Echolink proxy servers on one of our cloud servers and made them available in the pool to the ham community. Your smartphone app will automatically choose an available proxy server, or you can manually enter one in the “Custom Proxy” Settings in your smartphone Echolink app.


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