2019 WW8TF Rover Plans

WW8TF/Rover will be operating again for the 2019 Ohio ARES VHF Simplex Contest. Our tentative schedule is the following, by county:

  • Cuyahoga – 10:00am
  • Summit – 10:40am
  • Medina – 11:23am
  • Portage – 12:37pm
  • Stark – 1:17pm
  • Mahoning – 2:18pm
  • Columbiana – 3:00pm
  • Carroll – 3:50pm (tentative)

The times listed above represent a five minute “advance” on the time we expect to begin operating as our setup/teardown plan uses a “worst case” estimate for planning. If we can stay optimized and don’t have any driving issues, the schedule will move towards these times. Carroll Co. is dependent on us being well ahead of schedule.

Please listen to our rove operations at each location and we’ll keep the schedule updated “live”. Also, follow the ARPS link below.

WW8TF/Rover will operate on the following frequencies at each location:

  • 2m – 146.49 MHz or 146.46 MHz
  • 70cm – 446.000 Mhz or 446.025 Mhz
  • 6m – 52.525 MHz or 52.540 MHz

We will operate each band in the order 2m -> 70cm -> 6m. If the primary and alternate frequencies above are in use at any location, we will move up in 25 KHz steps starting from our primary frequency to find a usable frequency. At each location, we will attempt to use our primary frequency first, regardless of what was done at the last site.

Follow our live progress using APRS by tracking WW8TF-9.

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