Megalink Reflector

The Wayne Technical Fanatics owns and operates the Megalink Reflector for D-STAR anb YSF/C4FM. The reflector is an open, public access reflector system to the entire worldwide ham community. The reflector is hosted in a tier 1 datacenter and is running the XLXD Reflector software.

Megalink Reflector Dashboard

It is registered as node 330 in the XLX registry. All Pi-Star-based repeaters and hotspots can access the reflector as DCS330, XRF330, REF330, and XLX330 (XLX supported by Pi-Star 4 only). The reflector supports all D-STAR linking protocols – DPlus, DExtra, and DCS with DCS being the recommended protocol if available.

This reflector is also registered as YSF #83603 which will connect automatically to module A. Module A is a cross-mode connection between YSF #83603 and XLX330A with D-STAR traffic. This means module A supports simultaneous, interoperable transmission of YSF and D-STAR.

The reflector has all 26 modules enabled (A-Z). Other D-STAR repeater operators who wish to link their repeaters and hotspots but don’t want the hassle of running a stable reflector are welcome to use the Megalink Reflector modules B through Z without advanced coordination or arrangement.

WTF appreciates your use of D-STAR and YSF. We are happy to name a channel after your group if you want to drop us a note.

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