Using RT Systems Cables with CHIRP

Awhile back, I obtained an RT Systems programming cable for a radio. However, as I don’t use RT Systems software, the cable was useless to me. I’d grabbed it on a whim from a pile of stuff from an SK’s estate that we were parting out for sale. I finally decided to see if I could get it to work with CHIRP. Of course, unmodified, it doesn’t. However I did discover that if the cable is using an FTDI EEPOM-capable UART chip, one can reprogram the chip relatively painlessly and have it work perfectly as a generic FTDI serial device.

The following things are needed:

After installing both of the above, do the following:

  • Insert the programming cable into a USB port
  • Wait until the device appears in Device Manager
  • Open the FT_PROG application
  • Click on Devices -> Scan and Parse
  • The cable should appear and will look something like this:
  • Click on the USB Device Descriptor tree item and set as follows:
  • Click on USB String Descriptors and set as follows:
  • Click on Invert RS232 Signals and ensure that Invert TXD and Invert RXD are both checked
  • Right-click on the root device item in the tree (in this example Device: 1[Loc ID:0x1314]) and click Program Device. At completion, the status in the bottom-left of FT_PROC should report that programming as complete.
  • Remove the cable and then reconnect the cable
  • Confirm in Device Manager that the device is now showing up as a “USB Serial Port” under “Ports (COM & LPT):

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