XLX330 Transcoder Changes

Some changes have been made to the Megalink Reflector XLX330. With decline in local DMR traffic and increase in YSF traffic, it has been decided to terminate the cross-mode linking of DMR BM 311070 into YSF/DMR Room #83603. The default connections have changed.

DCS330A/XLX330A is still the preferred D-STAR connection and remains unchanged. YSF #83603 has been moved back to Module A as an auto-join. At the moment, the connection to module Q for BM 311070 has been shutdown.

Historically the problem with transcoding was the BrandMeister DMR stream would arbitrarily choke the transcoder for some reason that was never fully understood. At the time, cutting out the AMBE transcoding was the easiest path to system stability. However with the increasing interest of D-STAR and YSF in the area, the AMBE transcoder has been resurrected without the DMR leg. Everything old is new again!

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