Codeplug & Programming

Guidelines & Recommendations on programming your radios for our repeaters


DSTAR is network connected on our repeaters and users can access any reflectors, repeaters, and users connected with REF, XRF, DCS, Callsign Routing through IRCDDB.

The URCALL, RPT1, and RPT2 settings can be found here on our repeater page.

There is a very complete list of reflectors for each of these:

In addition, here’s some suggested reflectors you may wish to program into your DSTAR radio:

  • REF001C (Worldwide Mega-Reflector), very busy
  • REF030C (Busy reflector with lots of world-wide users)
  • XRF038A (Ohio, hosts Ohio-wide DSTAR Net on Sunday 8PM)
  • XRF330A (Megalink Network – Wayne Tech Fanatics repeaters are normally connected to this network)

If you connect a repeater to one of the reflectors above, please disconnect it when you are done with URCALL “_ _ _ _ _ _ U”, or reconnect to XRF330A . If you leave the repeater connected to a busy reflector, it will tie up the repeater and lock out other users and modes. Please be courteous to other users and disconnect the repeater from busy reflectors when you are done!


General: The repeaters are part of the Brandmeister network, which means you can key up just about any talkgroup they carry on either slot. However, these guidelines will help you program a codeplug for the best experience on the Wayne Technical Fanatics repeaters. All of our repeaters are Color Code 1 in DMR mode.

Slot 1: Keep slot 1 for local communications
  • Local 9 (talk group 9) for local conversations on a single repeater
Slot 2: Use slot 2 for networked talkgroups

Static talkgroups full time on slot 2 are:

Scheduled talkgroups:

  • TG 3139 Ohio on Wednesday 20:00 – 21:30 to support the Ohio-wide DMR net

You may also wish to program in any other network talkgroups on slot 2 to dynamically use such as:

  • Ohio 3139
  • TAC310 through TAC315

Dynamic talkgroups will automatically disconnect 15 minutes after the last RF user was on the talkgroup. There is no need to manually disconnect these when you are done using them. However, if you want to disconnect them manually, you can key up briefly on talkgroup 4000, and it will drop any dynamic talkgroups linked on that slot.

C4FM / YSF (System Fusion)

The repeaters have the ability to connect to WIRES-X and YSF rooms on the network. There are some features of WIRES-X that do not completely translate into this open YSF repeater, but general connectivity works fine.

Note that if you connect the repeater to a room, it will NOT automatically disconnect until you command the repeater to do so. Turning off your radio or exiting the WIRES-X mode on your radio will leave the repeater connected to the last room.

Please be courteous to other users and disconnect the repeater from rooms when you are done using them, and do not leave the repeater linked to busy WIRES-X / YSF rooms for long periods of time. Most Yaesu radios send a disconnect if you hold the * key down for one second while your radio is connected to the repeater in WIRES-X mode.

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