The Megalink

The Wayne Technical Fanatics owns and operates “The Megalink” to support Internet and IP-based services necessary to connect and enable various amateur radio technologies and systems. Currently, The Megalink supports the following services:

  • IPv4 public IP address connectivity for repeaters and ham services using the AMPR 44Net address space.
  • IPv6 address connectivity for repeaters and ham services
  • Tunneling and VPN connectivity solutions for the IPv4 and IPv6 service networks
  • Megalink Reflector for D-STAR
  • The Wayne-Summit-Medina tri-county microwave hamnet for repeater site connectivity

Other services are being deployed or considered.

A quick tour of some of the infrastructure behind Megalink:

Above is the overall block diagram of the sites and how they interconnect.
Solid black lines are 5.8GHz Microwave links.
Purple dashed lines are Internet GRE tunnels.
Note that many of these sites are owned and operated by other groups, but are partnered or connected into the network
The Doylestown site is above:
Top is power and POE injectors for microwave dishes.
a 48 port Ethernet switch serves the site.
a Mikrotik Routerboard routes traffic between sites.
The bottom shelf has local wifi on the left, a DNS server on a RasPi in the middle, and to the right is Megalink reflector RasPi
Akron Spring Hill site is above
Top blue box is the site router (Juniper SSG-5)
bottom is a Motorola GM300 VHF radio and Kantronics KAM
POE Ethernet switch at the site

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