442.375 Back on Microwave

Most people probably didn’t notice, but the 442.375 WW8TF repeater has been using a Verizon MiFi and VPNs for network access at the repeater site for the past few months. The other end of the microwave dish that normally connects the site to the network failed over the winter. Using a cell hotspot forced us to temporarily turn off access to the Pi-Star dashboard for the repeater to keep the cellular data usage under control.

N8JDM and N8CD lowered the tower at the N8CD QTH end of the link this past weekend and discovered water had entered the lightning arrestor, rapidly corroding the connections and filling the cable with water.

With the cable and lightning arrestor replaced, the 2.4 GHz link is back in service between N8CD’s QTH and the Rittman watertower location.

With this link back in place, the online dashboard to https://ww8tf.ww8tf.club is back in service as well.

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