KE8LDH repeater moved to higher profile site in Akron

During the last week of March, the KE8LDH 442.5125 MHz multi-mode digital repeater received a tune-up, got a new TX/RX duplexer, and joined the WW8TF AKRON APRS digipeater, along with the N8XPK 444.2, 147.135, and 1292.2 repeaters at a higher profile site in Akron. Thanks to Marty N8XPK for hosting us!

The repeater runs about 25 watts into a 6dBi antenna overlooking Akron, and uses a pair of Motorola Radius GM300’s and an ST-DVM32 controller on a Raspberry Pi. Internet is provided through the group’s metro microwave-linked network. The new location has considerably improved the machine’s coverage. You’ll normally find it linked to the Wayne Technical Fanatic’s XLX330A DSTAR reflector, but feel free to use the machine in DSTAR, DMR, YSF, or P25 modes.

By default the repeater is linked with:

  • DSTAR reflector XLX / XFR330A
  • Brandmeister DMR Ohio TAC 31390 and NE Ohio 31391 on slot 2 . Note that because this repeater is multi-mode, we do NOT have it permanently linked to the Ohio 3139 talkgroup. Feel free to PTT it up on slot 2 if you like
  • Brandmeister DMR NEO Local cluster on TG2 Slot 2
  • YSF and P25 networks available but not linked by default

The repeater also automatically links to these systems for weekly nets:

  • Sunday night 19:30 to 21:00 XRF038A Ohio DSTAR net
  • Wednesday night 19:30 to 21:00 Ohio 3139 on slot 2 for the Ohio DMR net

The dashboard for the repeater can be found at

We do ask that you not leave the repeater linked to busy reflectors for hours on end. When you are done please un-link.

The new coverage profile is quite an improvement

KE8LDH Coverage

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