Megalink Service Terminations

WW8TF has decided to terminate some services in 2022 as part of a general clean-up of unused, inefficient, and underutilized services.

Megalink Reflector Transcoding – Some changes have been made to the Megalink Reflector XLX330. With continued instability and management problems of the AMBE dongles, it has been decided to terminate the cross-AMBE-mode transcoding of D-STAR into YSF/DMR. The default connections have changed. DCS330A/XLX330A is still the preferred D-STAR connection and remains unchanged. YSF #83603 has been moved to module Q (in honor of the upcoming Star Trek: Picard Season 2) and continues to cross-mode connect to BrandMeister TG 311070. There will probably be some DVSticks going up for sale soon – contact N8EI if you’re interested.

Echolink Proxy Terminations – WTF was running too many VPS hosts for little value. One of them was, at this point, basically doing Echolink proxies and fending off spam for an unused set of domain names. In addition, the Echolink proxy software isn’t entirely stable and crashed a lot. The host has been retired and the Echolink proxies along with it.

Megalink Virgina VPN Termination Host – Wasn’t getting much use…. gone.

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