Updates to the Transcoding Reflector

rosetta stone next to a raspberry pi board

Back in March, the build and configuration of the XLX330 reflector was discussed in depth. Since then, to keep costs down (i.e. more AMBE dongles), we’ve made some small adjustments. We decided to add transcoding with Brandmeister DMR due to the surge in interest in the Wooster area in DMR….

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DR-1X Repeater Mods for Analog + Allstar

This is the second in a series of three planned articles discussing the modification of Yaesu DR-1X repeaters for solid, link-ready analog FM or as a multi-mode digital voice repeater. The planned articles are: Yaesu DR-1X Repeater Modifications: Common Concerns DR-1X Repeater Mods for Analog + Allstar DR-1X Repeater Mods…

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